4. Healthy cooker ~ recipes

Baked lemon throat (12min.)

Salmon,afresh mushroomonionstwofivethreelemonsalt/wine/butter,a teaspoon ofeachpiece ofaluminum foil


1. fishcoated withsalt,themushroomslices,green onionsand cut into sectionsfor use.

2. thefish on thefoilpaper andputthe fishnoodlesmushroom/onion/lemonslices, sprinkle withwine andbutter,
    the fishwrap.

3. the fish into thepot, cover with lid-timetwelve minutes, "when"soon, and then simmerfor two minutessotasty.

Steamedsea basspot(12min.)skincare


Afreshsea bassonions/ginger/ salt/soy sauce/rice winea little


1.basswash,putthe top★FoodTips:

   Therearea variety ofcookingfresh fish, Yellowbean pastecan beaddedorsub-rags ...

   To doa variety ofchanges.

   oftheginger andsoy sauceRuqie Si/salt/rice, wrapped in aluminum foil,adding a littlewater (abouta cup),

   coverpotinto the potcovered withrandom, time twelve minutes, the twostewMinutes beforeopening the lid.

2.Remove from heatbefore, add onion,cookbyresidual heattotastemore deliciousbass.

Therearea variety ofcookingfresh fish, Yellowbean pastecan beaddedorsub-rags ...

To doa variety ofchanges.



300gramsof freshginger anda littleoysterDougu2tablespoonsof salt/soy sauce2 tablespoonsrice winea

littlea littlechopped green onion


1.pour a littleoil until fragrantDougu/green onion/ginger/thenaddoysters/ salt/soy sauce/ water /rice winea little.

2.lidthe cover, timer for six minutes,"when"soon and thensimmertwo minutes.

200 gsquidshrimp,corn kernels50grams200 gramsof redspring onion1 tablespoonbutterLuo
Boding 50 grams/ 2 table spoonseach of water  50g greenpeas, salt /sugar /cornstarcha little



2.onionsin butterthenadd squidgranulocyte/shrimp/ redLuo Boding/JenGreenpeas/corn/a cup ofsalt andwater,
   covered shelters, timer for 12 minutes.

3. "when " soonafter, openedsheltersaddcornstarchwater,thicken, then cook 2 minutes.

Mapotofupot(12min.)appetizers/enhance immunity


Tofuagarlicsoy sauce5200 gramsground meat/sugar,a littleonion/peppermixof thetwohotbeansauce

2 teaspoonscornstarcha littlewater200c.c


1.tofudiced, onion /garlic/peppercutfine.

2.pour a little oil, theonion/garlic/pepperuntil fragrant,thenaddground meat/hot bean/tofu/soy sauce/ waterstir-fry,
    put the lid on-time12 minutes.

3.Remove from heatbefore thewaterinto thecornstarchthicken, sprinkle withchopped green onionand serve

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