20.Children, you move it! Parents Privacy Policy
Children nonchalance implied mother, said City prices soaring, if they are not action, perhaps after you and your girlfriend, even the hut of a habitat are not. I faint to look at you, and finally did not say "Mom you buy" if you want to. And you also so awkward silence, instantly air dory Fangxiawankuai stormed out.

I looked at your backs away from the window, thin, lazy, some cynical and self-willed, you still hang on the arms of their parents, still refuses to independent. But, dear child, you have 25 years of age, a stable work, one needs care girlfriend, two parents growing old, are these not enough to make you mature, bear the responsibility of an adult of the shoulder?

From an early age, you get used to something came to my mother. 5-year-old, you want my mother to help you organize your throw toys all over the place; 10-year-old, he saw the students feet style of shoes, cry clamor to let me buy to; 15 years old when you girl writing a love letter to the class, my mother know a lot of people who bully you, just let me know; 20-year-old university, each call are complaining about, saying that cafeteria food so bad, why do not you give me more than to send more nutrition; 25-year-old, where the time chatting with the students proudly say: "My parents already give me ready money to buy a house, even very struggle, the same can live very good. "

Every time I tolerant smile, pale forget. I used to listen to your orders, just thought, every drop of your good, you would remember, and in the future, we grow old, you have the prime of life when you can get your carefully tended. But now, you go home every day Cengfan often his girlfriend to take home to long-established residents, so I still work, but also tired of your three meals a day. This situation, finally let me even the slightest smile, can not be squeezed out.

I found so bitter out best for the way you just make your heart, selfish and lazy, and the more long dark submerged AIDS, along the boundless. I finally admitted that the unrestrained pet 25 years, is what a big mistake.
A joke, I said my mother perhaps live to see you get married and have children, all of a sudden you will be anxious, said: "What the future who cook and clean, who care for our children?" I was, there is a unspeakable sadness. The original old out when we still should continue to toil until the end of life.

We are not raising an increasingly plump powerful eagle, but a dwelling of insects, To nourish the fresh bones, has been gnawing dry decadent, no nutrition.

My dear child, I had to cruel to tell you, your half, and I is closely related to the road after you, I will no longer involved. The mother had to quit his part-time jobs, I can not for your happiness, and the leisurely days after his retirement, and handed over to continue to make money for you to buy a house pain.

You move away from the parents' side, go with their own pay rent! Child, my mother sorry, should not have to love you. And you should also parents bite to the tired old feel guilty. Let us forgive each other, let go of each other.
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