19.Super Grandma from scratch to get rich secret pity + pity gol
This is the true story of a Taiwanese housewives by the dream of four years of ...
She is 73, has six children, three of them, Dr., two doctors, all graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Berkeley and other international elite, as well as fifteen grandchildren.

We called her snow lotus grandmother.

Was born in Tainan landlord of the house, she grew up sheltered, but later at home bankruptcy are all zeros, married, wife, mother, and had never been to class, but self-study economics, English, Japanese, investing in stocks, housing real estate, bit by bit, will not only save into the essence of five house lots in Taipei, children's education fees alone invested more than $ 50 million.

The most legendary trader in the stock market results, never lose over four decades, the most brilliant, can affect the market, comparable to Shanghai to help the main the Weng Mingchang (Weng Daming father).
Her life is only two big dreams: home lost money back, "Let the children read the best schools".

Now, "Nguyen (I) the goal of life, Long (all) to reach ah!"

Clock NR bell will ring once to know that time is valuable, want quick action!

That afternoon, we arrived at her home on Chung Hsiao East Road SOGO opposite alleys. Forty-old apartment, the walls were mottled Diaoqi very steep staircase, we climb out of breath, and finally climbed to the fourth floor, grandma smiling to greet us. She looked only five years old, radiant.

Entered the door, the wall clock sounded, "When!! When!", Looked up, the clock pointing to half past two.

I wonder asked: "your clock half an hour rang again?"
She said: "Oh, CA bell rang again."

I wonder, then, the middle of the night locked up? "
Grandma shook his head smiled and answered: "no."

"That is not very noisy?" I wonder.
The grandmother said: "I am looking for a long time to find just the right size, and can an NR bell will ring for one clock.

Why must 15 minutes?

"Because I was busy ah, when the clock rang, I know 15 minutes have passed, time is precious, action should be a little faster!"

Grandmom's time is actually calculated to 15 minutes! (More than) to save money, but also save time! "A housewife's time is really so precious?

"Nguyen's time is very precious! Oh I am a full-time housewife. I kid! (Children) from childhood, everyone diary I wrote that he was ten."
Diary to help the child?

The grandmother drank a tea, sometimes in standard Minnan, sometimes Japanese-style English, said: "When a kid! Will forget his things before so I an early age ...... does not mean that the diary, is the summary (referring to the summary of life), that, a write up. "

A child one?

"A person is a metal cargo containers" Grandma decent replied.

This is the of Saussurea grandmother gave us the first lesson: treat time.

Then, we look around the grandmother's home, almost no decoration, aisle, but also piled up a lot of information, using a discount store to buy back one hundred yuan finishing boxes, only the more expensive treadmill, professional laser photocopy machine. 30 square meters floor space, walkways, only one person had; elected seats intend to sit down, grandma suddenly stopped him: "Do not take that seat, broken."

Why not live mansion? "The luxury I can buy, but a month to spend four or five million live in luxury, management fees, and too expensive. A driver can ask four or five million, so out will save a lot of time time is very valuable time-saving time is money! "

More in-depth interviews, the outline of the legendary Grandma rich become increasingly clear: "She unfortunately, but unfortunately the gold, but unfortunately the wisdom."

This is the most ancient of the rich wisdom: "cherish all things."

Time to get back 60 years ago. The Saussurea grandmother born into a family, more than the home is the large landowners, father, or dentist, then the average person a monthly salary only, is $ 30, but my father a month from Shanghai to return to the $ 1,000 is the average person 30 to Fridays times.

In the years that we all contact by telegram, the child we have phone, the phone can pass to the Heye! Shanghai rope A pass Oh! "Dad always agreed upon date with the whole family, together telephone jack bell jack bell, the telephone rang, "(we) bring a chair close to the wall to listen."

"At that time we went out Oh, call that" hiya "Black Engine cars! Sit with my grandmother all that to play, go to the movies ...," she recalls.

Although the Japanese Government provides food rations, but my grandmother loved to eat the material, often sent to the black market to steal to buy the soil Tuo fish, whole soil Tuo fish back home, "like a woman back, like a kid! " Were no refrigerators, so they put the fish cut into pieces, marinate into the salty, put under the bed, to eat, when to take an up fry.

But the fragrance of food, often police found her grandmother visualize the police would not be closed the elderly, each related to the police, said: "I'll give you off!" Typically, the police asked one or two hours, then warned her "In the future can not!" After her grandmother again sitting home of the "Black car". Caught by the police several times? "Countless" Saussurea grandmother laughing.

Good times is not too long, the outbreak of World War II, the end of her rich princess years, the father mistakenly listen to the radio that the bombing of Tainan, charter hurry back to his wife and daughter together, I did not expect the ship too late to go ashore by torpedo bombing Shen.

Father, the ship, and in Shanghai money are gone.

Later, even the family's house was blown up, "house fire, hit by two bombs down ... a bomb, a fire bomb,"

Suddenly, her life, nothing!

Mother in tears all day, relatives saw them said: "Poor Dad, three children are girls!

"So this money, I can not ... be sure to" Qi Pusang letter (keep something Japanese in English) So as not to (a problem) .... "
From the rich to bankruptcy, but also underestimate the importance of family and friends, and deeply hurt the heart of the snow lotus grandmother, and she secretly vowed: "I'm going home, but not make it back!"

Senior psychiatrist Wang Hao-wei said, there have been "marginal people experience, for example, has been discrimination, come down, not mainstream in the marginalized people, often think ahead, to build his dream power than the average person more strongly.

Rich motive is strong, the of Saussurea grandmother concept of money very early on being awakened.

Five or six, she often followed Grandma to Bomi divination blocks (Editor's note: the Minnan dialect, refers meters of gambling, futures), m yet to harvest, if the expected market, it is first sold, until harvest The re-delivery, looking at the adults can earn some money to lose to lose the contours of the money transactions, has been printed in my heart.

In addition, the war, each run air-raid shelter, my mother always home, "Ching Tsai Tsung (Editor's note: At that time one hundred yen bill, commonly known as) a one rolled up and put Chen Xuelian belt, hat . The second, but to her childhood smart, smart, mother assured delivery than half possessions.

The end of the war, however, who fled with her "Ching Tsai plexus from the yen to become the old NT, devaluation; 1949, when the NT was born, the old NT depreciation of the time, from every $ 40,000 into one dollar, "There is bankrupt!" forty thousand for one.

To see her mother to take the old scales scales NT, a lot of money of $ 100,000: two million overnight change of 50 "At that time, the family pay for all scales used currency devaluation impressed deeply upon the mind.

The house is gone, money gone, life is hard, lunch only rice, even reading also keep other people to borrow money. But she read too well, admitted to junior high school in Tainan Girls' Senior High School, and later read the Tainan Teachers would have to be recommended for admission Normal, but the plan was dropped because there was no money.

This allows the the Saussurea grandmother Unfortunately, efforts to make money, let their kids read the dream of the best schools, wells.

To wash your hair, look at two magazines, two hundred yuan shampoo money money back!

She said that the first step in making money is saving money, do not waste a dime 1.5. Cherish gold, Saussurea grandmother to our second lesson.

"When I got married very frugal yeah! Five years, never buy a dress, a pair of shoes."

After three years of marriage, sir, in a bank's salary after her save a little bit down, and finally the loans to buy the first house. Because the house is a two-story, one person living there is space, then put the empty room rental.

"Perng Nguyen and living together for four years!" A remark, we spot shocked, she says with a laugh followed, then one of the guest, that is, to Taipei to study at National Chung Hsing University (the predecessor of the National Taipei University), Central Bank President Perng.

Even now, she is still very savings. Who lives the SOGO next, she has very little mortar, the daughter of Mother's Day to get 2 million yuan SOGO gift certificates to her, she was a year are enough of. Each spring, she mortar department stores, not buy, but look at this year's popular clothing styles, colors, home to look at the old clothes at home, what the appropriate color, a similar style can change course abruptly, can do not buy do not buy.

Each time through the department stores, others see a dazzling array of new products in the window, she saw how many people carrying bags come out, she found the the SOGO revival Museum bag rate is very low, "This will be in business long?"

Go wash your hair, she must find the current issue of beauty salons, to see two, two hundred yuan shampoo money earned back, is not it? "

Abroad by plane, she is also Japan, the U.S. magazine fierce grandson asked: "Grandma, how you been reading magazines? Not speak to us?"

She looked up to tell grandson: "Grandma has to earn one thousand dollars."

She said the money will be money, money can make money buying stocks.

Thus, in 1963, she set up by the Taiwan Stock Exchange the following year to friends and relatives raise of $ 200,000 jump the shares of the sea. This investment is four years.

"Play" the stock, of course, lose money, "invest" in stocks, we must carefully!

Salesperson of the cooperation over the past decade, Miss Jane, Chen Xuelian buying and selling stocks, "Asha force, profit will be overweight, but once the market is wrong, it is willing to recognize compensation over the years the direction of investment," she almost catch all. "

For example, stock trading in 1962 was first opened in the 1930s, she earned several million dollars, of which Taiwan paper four yuan for 39 yuan to sell almost sold at the highest point (maximum price of 40 yuan), she money to spend $ 600,000 to buy Changchun Road, a story properties he owned. Friends joked that building Taiwan Paper Building.

1985, optimistic about the capital market of the NT to be appreciation of the deep as your ankles, She also relatives and friends to raise a $ 100 million, large-scale approach. A result, at 10,000 points in 1989 to market the highest point, clearing all stock, China Shou (the predecessor of the Cathay Financial Holdings) sold in more than nineteen hundred yuan (China Life's price is one thousand nine hundred and 70 $ 5.00). Even if the failure last year, the market immediately ", she has to get out.

Why so much? Her answer is: "I'm serious!"

Grandma house walls, hiding her seriously wisdom. Every day she must see NHK, CNN International channel; TV, the left wall is a map of the world, if you see television coverage of a strange country, it will look to the map to find out where this country, look away from Taiwan How far; further to the right wall looked bookcase filled with Encyclopaedia Britannica, this time, she would turn that country, like the population, what is the main produce?

Forty years as one day, she said, the stock market is doing to understand the economic, political, natural disasters, man-made disasters, oil prices, exchange rates, GDP (gross domestic product), real estate, the stock is the aggregate of these things! "

If someone says: "I'm playing the stock market lose money", she would tell him: "play, of course, lose money!"

"Because to" play "is like playing a car, playing a woman," pay money "(to pay), rather than collect money" (of money). "

Even traveling abroad, she went out to play during the day, evening back to the hotel staff will give her a fax, this fax is a salesperson to pass her, the day a few pieces of leading shares, and investment in stocks from Taiwan closing price.

The grandmother said: "investing in stocks we love (to be) seriously, otherwise I will lose!" From the first day of the investment in the stock market, and she is so serious.

In earlier years, there is no computerized stock trading is an artificial transaction, must report to a securities dealer company, orders. Grandma every morning to a dealer in securities companies watch market, closing the home, care of children and mother-in-law shift, but also find time to buy food, cooking; night she studied painting K line graph, read newspapers, magazines, for listed companies dynamic changes in the economy; and even self-study English, Japanese.

Experience do not understand economic terms, the theory of economics to read before she took Mr. to read. "I was almost every day in school," I got married look at the book, more than before marriage, "

The stock market subsequent emergence of electronic shares, these new things to make her a headache, she d up school called the children to take the motherboard, DRAM to her.

Buy stocks to make money later? "Buy real estate!"

The Saussurea Grandma more than buying stocks God quasi-buy real estate is also very powerful. 1985, she was also breath on Chung Hsiao East Road, bought 10 houses, and most of all first floor.

"I do not buy residential housing is a lot of trouble ... you know, rent the majority of the people have no money," she said, "the first floor of the business, and do well, he has to close, we do not control, do not help his decoration or something. "

How does she know that the price is cheap? Grandmother or an old saying goes: "do their homework ah!"

In order to grasp the prices, she has some time to "stock the morning to see the afternoon to see the house," every day to see the house. In order to understand the change of the local crowd, the grandmother in the rush hour, sitting in a coffee shop seems to crowd a district by district, to see what the crowd is more. The housing agency also failed to provide the customers of the market price, a result, her own table, write down the prices of each district. Until one day, the prices fall down, will know that the "cheap".

The Saussurea grandmother was kind enough to share with us her four years the stock market's the unbeaten investment Heart.
First, buy stocks is to buy, chairman of character. Chairman of listed companies if their own stock market is doing, do not touch, because he has money and stock, you will certainly lose so much stock (you can choose), why choose these yourself up at night?

Second, do not believe the newspapers. If the newspaper said how good the company, the results of the day did not rise, is that someone in the shipping, or how bad, how bad, but the stock did not fall, that is, someone is buying. In addition, companies often cover buildings, is almost the most peak periods, the boss all the money in there, do not concentrate on the

Third, the pyramid investment law. Stock cheap to buy more expensive do not buy, the higher the stock price, the less stock, like a pyramid.
Fourth, do not listen to insider information. Insider information is being deliberately released, must be people who sell, and when he bought does not tell you that he told you, more than a lot of good, he has begun to sell the stock.

My husband is smart, character and good, this gene, not born ten pity ...

In addition to cherish, but unfortunately the gold, grandmother of "wisdom" of the investment is also generous, this is the third lesson, she gives us.

During the day to see the stock market, housework, the afternoon, real estate prices, the evening, she was always in the dim light, stay up all night correcting the child job, the night must look at the kid! Homework rope to see daylight (dawn) I did not a talk to them, Take a "Knott" (note, notes), a one-person, which place well ..., "with the scratch paper to write, caught in the child inside their books.

Grandma and that "math is important, mathematics does not, physics, chemistry does not." Therefore, she is every day at midnight will be for the extent of each child, the 10-question math problems, requiring the children to school, to finish in order to go out within five minutes.

Year, children abroad to study need money, even in bad times, she is still very Asha force Chung Hsiao East Road, Section 4 is a piece of land, cheap to sell.

50 Ping, sold five million temporary road alone that Lu Di, to sell two million. "However, five million two years it took to be smooth."

Give children the best education resources in her carefully crafted, six children are all in science, never tutorial, U.S. graduate schools.

Now, she has 15 grandchildren, life goal has been reached. Humor, she said: "I did give birth to ten, the results have six, all students do not come out? Gold (true) a pity!"

Why give birth to so many? I saw grandma face sorry to say: "because Mr. Nguyen Jin Congming character put (again), this gene, not born ten gold pity!"

The Saussurea grandmother to 10 children, not raw enough very sorry the other half, who is it? He is the former First Bank chairman Huang Tianlin.

Some may think that banks investing in stocks Dong mother what is so amazing? However, with their close friends say, Huang Tianlin If there is no Chen Xuelian, perhaps not today's Financial Tate's position, especially wealth.

I asked Huang Tianlin not marry good wife? (Former chairman of Bank)

He smiled happily, has been nodding.

Chen Xuelian small file
Age: 74 years
Occupation: Housewife
Wish: to lose the money back, let their kids read the best schools
Magic formula: the self-study financial information, English, Japanese, read CNN and NHK, the past 40 years to do their homework every day
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