27.Reversal of osteoporosis magic food

All the way from Florida State University, USA Dr. the Bahram Arjmandi (school food and nutrition and sports science Head of the Department) is the world-renowned bone (bone study) experts, has been committed to looking for can prevent / alleviate osteoporosis (osteoporosis ) and osteoarthritis (osteoarthritis) of natural food. The same day he will report to [Prune dry] (also known as the California plum (prune) the experiment of people stunned.

I never thought that I often bring added oatmeal and hi Riel Prune stem not only high in fiber and high resistance to oxidation food, it can help prevent and reverse osteoporosis magic food (miraclefood,) !

Dr. Arjmandi to the clinical trials of postmenopausal women have done shows:

A day 8-10 pieces of dates, dry Biheermeng therapy and other drugs is more effective to reduce bone loss (but only a day to ingest enough calcium and vitamin D), and more effective "reconstruction" (the restore ) has been loose for healthy bones. (But has not been processed into dry fresh dates, not efficacy)

2 day 8-10 pieces of Prune dry subjects in the 90 days trial period, less the weight of several pounds. (But to eat dates, dry with a drink, so Prune dry fiber absorbent, swelling in the stomach, satiety, an appetite suppressant)

Dr. Arjmandi the experimental results are published in academic journals in the world authoritative, the Prune dry magic physiological effects there is solid scientific evidence, not out of thin air in vain. Dr. Arjmandi mechanism of the Prune dry anti-bone loss with high antioxidant capacity, meeting the same day his detailed description of the biochemical mechanisms, but here I do not write it, so we too boring.

Because the high fiber content, dates, dried and Prune juice is the United States, doctors recommend constipation must eat the holy items. Supermarkets in Taiwan (top, RT-Mart, Carrefour, Geant, ...) to buy Prune dry, almost all of raisins, dried cranberries these foods on the same rack. My personal favorite is the "sun card" (SUNSWEET) tried several brands, seeded the Prune dry (California plum).

Prune dried (500 g canned $ 125) cheaper, but also has to help defecation, antioxidant, weight loss, reducing the multiple effects of bone loss, the boys and girls of each age group should be 8-10 pieces of dates, dried included in the daily eating food (but not more than 10 Oh, or else your intestinal excessive peristalsis).

Finally, to remind you, 8-10 pieces of dates, dry and unnecessary once finished, you can carve - 2-3 times a day eating.
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