10.30 words of wisdom to Christian
30 words of wisdom to Christian

(1) The next time you think you are terrific, try to line the water.

When the devil when you mention your past, remind him of his future.

(3) you are not lucky, you are blessed.

(4) If you really want to live, the first completely dead.

Opportunity may only knock on the door once, but temptation is always ringing the bell

We often are strong, forget God gave us the help.

On Sunday calling for "Father" in the days of one week remaining live like orphans.

Do not self-centered, Christ-centered.

Without Christ, there is no peace; to know Christ, be at peace.

Why we do not often brought to the friends of God? Because we do not talk to God about our friends.

When your all to Christ, because He put His gave you.

You are the pursuit of worthy of the death of Jesus Christ?

13 you closer to God, is your true friend.

14 For God so loved us, not because we are kind of a person, but because He is a God.

15, the promises of God like the stars in the night sky. The deeper the night, the stars shine more bright.

16 Christ's life, is a hopeless end. The life of Christ is an endless hope.

17 Although I did not know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future.

18 your burdens to the Lord, leave it in the Lord.

19 Do not fear tomorrow, because God is already there.

20 When you nothing but God, you will know that God is your complete needs.

21 free hand to God, stop telling God about your storm how big, how much to tell your God to the storm.

22 be able to satisfy the human heart, is the one who created our hearts.

23. Please often maintained a light in your heart, because you do not know, who by this light out of darkness.

24. When we are concerned about work, we work alone;

25 God is everywhere, so we can pray anywhere

26 a there is no need never see a miracle.

27 worship remind us the value of life, but the world makes us forget it.

28 become difficult time, do not just pray, and not towards the way God wants you to go.

29. Pray for us for many things, anxiety can be the same.

30 And God saw all the things you have done before, look at your heart. 
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