15. Right to Live
Hello friends Hello, you sit, listen carefully to good
 Much or how little, enough food to eat like people ugly people, pleasing to the eye like
Less people for the elderly, health is good. Home poor Andrew, like gas
Back like the husband comes home late wife nagging, like Gu
Kids, it is necessary to teach.
Dr. or selling vegetables or grow up, obediently like
Size of housing, to live like the name does not name brand, can wear like
Two four drive like bad boss to endure like
All the troubles and solutions like adhere to the persistent, ever forget the best

Person's life, like peace, not money, will
Good and merciful heart, and life can change who is in Heaven knows like
The Salford Xiuhui for a better life so much, we understand like
Heavens and the earth, revel like a lot of things look on like
Everyone is good, good day. Ni Hao I, the world better
All in all, like contentment.
This message, really good, do not send you, my bad.
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