3. Healthy cooker ~ recipes

French toast (8min.)


Two pieces of toast a little sugar, a spoonful of honey, eggs,


1. eggs and sugar in the mix evenly in the album.

2. chieftain of the angle cut triangle, put the egg in order to fully absorb the egg mixture.

3. pot warm for two minutes, add a little oil, put the wok toast, regular eight minutes, the toast fry

    until both sides golden brown.

4. chieftain into the dish topped with a little honey.



Afreshcrabmushroomsthreeonion1 /2garlic/gingerthree


Wine,1 tablespoonsalt 1teaspoonpepper2 tablespoonsbutter


1.crabshellcap offtowash, and cutfour, moved into the saucemarinate for5 minutes.

2.onions/mushrooms andsautewith buttershred, putaluminum foilspread the bottom,thenput into
   thecrabwill bea goodfoilwrap.

3.Addcrab, cover, timing 15 minutes,"when"soonafter theopeningtwo minutesand thensimmeredfoods.



Cod,abamboo shoot1 /2onion2mushrooms and2 slicesham3


(1) 1 tbspsalt 1tspwine

(2) 2 tbspoyster sauce1 tbspsugar1tspwine


1.codfishseasoningcast(1) marinate for 10 minutes, putaluminum foilfolded intothehullplate.

2.mushroom/ham/bamboostrips. Three mixedshopon the fish, thensauce(2),pour theingredientsare,

   and thealuminum foilwrappedwell.

3.into cod and cover thecover–timer for13 minutes,"when"soon, and then simmeredtwo minutes,
   servesprinkled withgreen onion.


Cheesesteak,pork chops(10min.)


Cheese 2 bonelesspork chop(steak) 4 protein inasalt/ pepper/ a littlered wine


1.pork chopwith aknife bladeshoot loose,salt/pepper/red winemarinate for 10minutes.

2.pork chopscoated withprotein, timer for 8 minutes, the twoappear beforethepork chopsfry untilgolden brown.

3.cheesesliceson thepork chop, coveredthe cover,timer for 2 minutes

 DrunkenShrimp (8min.)


300gramsof freshgingershrimp/garlic/ salt/rice winea little


Olive oil1 tspoyster sauce1 tablespoonlemon juicea littleginger12tsp


1.thegrass shrimp/ will /garlic/rice wineand salttogether into thecasualpot, covered shelters,timer for eight minutes,

   when the redshrimpin thedishas soon asdesirable.


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