13. Do not wait for the uncertain treasure to the special day.
A friend called and said she had an accident some time ago, is now home resting
Q. I have no time to see her put down the phone, I hurried to her side in time.
The door was her husband, a friend sitting in the living room sofa, legs covered blankets.
I am sorry to see the smile come: not pick you, I stand up.

I was shocked. Blanket removed, exposing her legs of varying lengths. ... I suddenly froze. ... How could this be?

Friend said: out of control on the highway was a big truck to hit the. !

Friends patted the sofa beside me sit down until I dried her tears, she called the President to push the wheelchair over.

See the new wheelchair is a pain in my heart, watching a friend's husband took her on a wheelchair, I feel really shocking, how beautiful she was one of the legs ah

I pushed his girlfriend into her bedroom, pointing to open my wardrobe. !

I went to open, which is a beautiful ivory Dress, knee length skirt, two thin straps draped over the middle of random length of transparent silver silk shawl, embroidered top with silver willow pattern,
Indicate the price tag also hung a small mark.

A friend asked me to take down both skirts and shawls, holding in his hand and makes a touching,

Than in the body to me: look good?

My sour nose: really nice!

A friend handed me the dress folded hands: to give you. I quickly waved.

Friends head: You want I'll also need it?

In short, both of them burst out tears.
Friends and come up with a white shoe box, opened it is a two beautiful white six inches high heels,
She said: This is a pair of shoes and skirt. I nodded: really beautiful!

Friend's eyes deeply looked out the window, just turn around after a while children!,! Very sad to me slowly and said:
You know, when I found that I'll always be doing now, what is his greatest regret?

My greatest regret is that I no longer wear a beautiful dress.
I know that my beautiful long legs, bare legs, especially to wear this dress look better.

I have a lot of beautiful dresses, I have given away after the accident.

But this one is my favorite, I have been keeping a want to wear,
Always want to wait until one of the most special day, a different day and occasion,
But it seems very normal every day life is not special, I will forever lose the opportunity to wear it.

She paused, pulled my hand:

Now I know that beautiful things never going to treasure, not to wait for the uncertain treasure special day.

Out from a friend's house, the sky is already very late.
I embrace this beautiful and expensive dress, shawl, shoes, sitting in the car,
Disability of mind friends and beautiful legs with skirt overlap constantly flash,
Pain to twitch into a ball, those "important day", "special day"
Perhaps in the future will appear in her life,
But nice skirt and bare legs beautiful six-inch heels does not exist in her dictionary of.

In fact, the life we ​​are not often those who think the most beautiful and precious objects and things are careful collection, always wanted to wait until an important occasion,
The right time, before they agree to come up with a unique opportunity to show?

Home, sir still waiting for me while watching TV.
Go to the bedroom put skirts, shoes, shawls out
Mr. eyes lit up: God! You're beautiful!

Where to buy these things are?
I shook my head and told him that a friend sent, because she can no longer wear a skirt, because she did not have legs.
President's eyes go dim, pulled me to sit down and took the skirt looked at the label said: how is it?
This was three years ago to buy, but the skirt is new.
But my tears flowed:
She bought a long time, she thought she would one day wear, she has been such a special day ... ...

Mr. Louguo me, stroking my hair:
That special day has never been to, is it?
The next morning, the
President has been busy in the kitchen, when I went into the dragon head sleepily Monte kitchen stocked with breakfast to see the dining table, fitted breakfast is a few ivory porcelain plates,
That was two years ago at a trade show to buy a set of cutlery, plates are very fine gloss surface, dotted around the small red strawberries and green leaves.

Moment there is only yellow candy! White! The egg, very nice.
I know that Mr. has not let me out with, no longer afraid of missed smashing with not a set,
He often said that one day a big house to move when the pieces need to treat the ugly.

Morning! Know! Road a few minutes from his bed, only then with how long this collection of plates in the storage room to find out.

After breakfast, I moved to stools in a row to open the door hanging cabinet, where the collection of a wide range of package bought from the shelf after the carved crystal glass.

That bought me one after another, and some only when used in the New Year dinner once or twice, some never used. !

Each run are quickly closing up, fear of breaking the child, always wanted the kids to grow up not missed a chance to break with age, but I found that I have always felt that he would break,
Whether he is 2 years old or 12 years old.

Therefore, these beautiful utensils, wine is not usually put on our family table.

Now I put them all onto the table, I do not want to wait until the uncertainty of a particular, extraordinary day. Those beautiful things, I always have to see.

At noon, Mr. and children to the electronic city, I sat down to write a birthday card to the President, even though his birthday is over a week.

I used to write a letter to him whenever they want to express strong feelings, so I thank him for his many years of love and tolerance, I do not even want him to know that I admire him loved him,
But each always told myself do not worry.

The next time will come next birthday, I even think, or to the two people are too old to walk again when he wrote not too late.

Now I know not all of the "Tomorrow" will always stand in front waiting for me,
I have put my love and gratitude of his time who told him.

I also called to a cinema, tell them I want to set three weekends of "Harry Potter" movie ticket, his son said many times that he wanted me to accompany him to the likes of some of the film,
But I always feel busy, can not spare time to accompany him to see those children's films, often to his and so on, until the weather is good, feel good, wait until I have time.
Dragged onto the cinema are all let go again, and that the "opportune" time has not always come.

The children have accompanied me not coming of age movie, think of a sudden one day he will up and leave home, just leave me a permanent hurried back and regret -

I miss watching movies with him the pleasure of talking movies, the fun will never come back.

When watching TV at night, took out a stack of sales, Mr. leaflets, each one printed with colorful pictures above all, sir put them to me and said: Come on, pick one you like the house.

I see President that he had never put this stuff home, and also brought back against me.

He has always maintained that he has a house to buy a house is to increase the unnecessary expenditure.

Then he sat on the sofa, to pick out which one to me: this place is good, very close from the East Lake, in your own home you can see the lake, a tennis court and swimming pool in the yard,
There are large areas of lawn and flowers ...!

We can pay in advance the first phase, the rest of the bank loan, so we can live like a family place to go, you can go downstairs to play tired to swim,
Children can rollerblade in the yard ... I looked at him:
Did not you say there will be welfare housing units in it? Mr. .. said: ranging from the.

The one does not know to wait many years;
Secondly, even if the wait,? Dong! L are not necessarily our favorite.

If life is only a hundred years, at least to live in their favorite place to go.
I nodded. President looked at me across the coffee table, a friend sent me was wearing a beautiful dress.
He mused Ningxiang a moment, then came back to live my ring: you know watching you put on her to send you this skirt I thinking?

I want to live in those things actually do not need collection of beautiful, marriage also.
&! Nbsp;
After all, life for ordinary couples, should be the most beautiful things in every show today instead of collection to those uncertain, special day.

In fact, no collection of beautiful things, but to cherish!

Beautiful things in life that actually do not need collection, marriage also.

The same applies to life!

Do not wait for the uncertain treasure to the special day.
"Good things share with everyone
Waste of life on the good things,
When you meet the good things when they do,
Is to share it with people around you;
In this way, good things can be in this world
The spread of freedom! To! ....
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