12. Taiwanese have backbone; refuse to watch Korean dramas. ...
Please be a backbone of the Taiwanese people - please take a moment to look at contents of the article! ~
           On at 2:40 on June 14, 2011

         Remember, the entertainment of the artist, Mr. Choi Pui Yee is an American of Korean descent, called SAM,
         SAM's head is a standard white thinking, his view is self-examination:
         Once, he told Xiezhen Wu Wu Danru the program, said the following words:
         "I really do not know why you so love to watch Taiwanese drama, so in love with the Korean stuff, at home, I will definitely not let my wife watch dramas!
         Guests understand the spot, asked him why?
         He replied: "Because in Korea, government regulations prohibit playback television broadcasts with programs in Taiwan, are Taiwan's drama!
         Then you bought a bunch of Korean Taiwanese drama to release, each is, there are even shopping channel to sell products in Korea, this is actually an unfair TRADE!
         You do not know! If I were you, I certainly do not buy Korean goods, do not look Korean, because South Korea's your attitude is not right! "
         Then the moment, all the guests to stand and applaud SAM, SAM also encouraged to run for president of Taiwan, which of course is a joke ~
         When he is such a stand in an objective and fair stance, conscience speaking Koreans can not see past
         And the mouth of the case at the same time, you want the people of Taiwan as I still have a little backbone, but also a little dignity, but also a little nerve with shame!
         Refused to use Korean goods, refuse to watch Korean dramas!
         As long as we do not watch Korean dramas, there would be no ratings, naturally, will not buy television drama!
         As long as we do not have no sales of Korean goods, manufacturers naturally would not buy Korean goods!
         Oh - how can that?
         Have you ever seen? Heard? Taiwan's artists a concert in South Korea?
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