24. Solvability of cancer last year published the information va
Solvability of cancer only last year published a valuable and factual information



Released last year but the real valuable information

Cancer in the solvability of the early decades ago, but the truth has been concealed, until the development of the Internet, the answer was gradually spread. If you have cancer, the most important thing is to intake as much as possible in the short term to the maximum amount of B17. Chemotherapy in seven billion dollar industry today, relying on the number of living cancer than people who died of cancer more than. Many doctors personal point of view of cancer, and the general public awareness of information, like night and day to do. "" If they themselves had cancer, they will not do chemotherapy! Even cancer cells response to chemotherapy, but partial or complete tumor shrink, and does not prolong survival. But sometimes the cancer is more rampant, because chemotherapy encourage the generation of anti-cancer treatment. "

Stewart and his son completed the Krebs found that many cells within the body is still in the native embryonic stage, these cells are used to repair tissue, in accordance with specific genetic form of stimulation, they can differentiate into any body tissue, organs , blood, or hair.

When our body damage, estrogen will stimulate these cells to repair the injured area, good repair enzymes from the pancreas to turn off the restoration project. If you do not turn off the repair action, these cells will continue to hit or miss because of the law division of repair and the formation of tumors or cancer. In other words, cancer is the body's own produce, rather than foreign objects, and it can be justifiably in the name restoration to evade immune system surveillance. And the pollution generated by industrial countries of the tens of thousands of man-made, toxic chemicals, can cause physical damage, the damage repair parts to create the conditions, if here has continued to hurt, has continued to repair, if the pancreatic enzymes not enough to turn off the patch, it was decided the site of the tumor produces. Then the diet if sufficient VitB17, it can provide the body's second line of defense. If the immune system is low, they do not get enough VitB17, latent form of cancer slowly.

Each year about 800 million U.S. residents, of which 32 million is because of medical accidents caused 40,000 deaths, 20,000 permanent damage. Of course, there are many doctors competing in their positions on the competitive industry sector, the patient's health as the first priority.

Metabolic therapy of cancer can be treated animals, wild animals rarely get cancer, because the diet of modern animals do not have enough VitB17, so easy with cancer.

Common cats and dogs sick, they all go out to pasture, this is an animal instinct, our human instinct to do?

Almond usage

Krebs Dr. Krebs Dr. recommended adult daily 10 to prevent cancer, 30-50 tablets per day for the cancer patient's nutritional supplements. A small number of cancer patients to eat almonds have nausea, treatment center proposed to reduce consumption, then gradually increase the body adapt to the weight. Not all of the almonds are effective, must be a little bitterness, only that does contain VitB17, such as traditional Chinese medicine in the apricot that contain B17.

There are other rich VitB17: peach seeds, apple seeds, the United States dates seeds, plum seeds, cherries seeds and nectarine seeds. Other foods containing B17 include: millet, millet, buckwheat buckwhear, Hawaii beans macadamianuts, bamboo shoots, green beans, lima beans, green beans, some varieties of peas, and so on. If you can not buy the enzyme, may be our daily food intake. Pancreatic enzymes in food with papaya and pineapple are. Cancer patient, daily consumption of half a papaya and pineapple.

Chemical synthesis of vitamin C may have a problem, so the best intake from food or buy natural plant extract vitamin C.

Physician asked his patients to change eating habits and a vegetarian, are not allowed to eat meat, he believes the patient has a lack of pancreatic enzymes, and can no longer eat meat to consume more pancreatic enzymes, the lack of pancreatic enzymes, cancer cells can escape immune system monitoring. If his patients secretly eat meat, or the original home to abnormal eating habits, cancer will relapse, the patient came back to find him. If you have time, he re-use VitB17 and metabolic therapy patients, the condition has improved to go home, usually when the patient really go astray, and not eat animal products.

Ancient Chinese, Greek, Roman and Arab physicians, with bitter almond anhydride cure cancer, bitter almonds with traditional Chinese medicine dose is 3-9 grams of brewing, due to bitter almonds poisonous, poisoning, overdose can be fatal.

Is the most convenient source of fruit seeds.

Chronic metabolic diseases, cancer is beyond doubt. It is not caused by a virus or bacteria of infectious diseases, but from metabolic problems, and use the body food. Most of the metabolic disease is mainly based on the lack of a particular food vitamins and minerals.

As the lack of such anti-cancer diet change VitB17, every three families in our society there is a person get cancer. The actual incidence may be higher, because until the cancer can be measured out, in fact, the patient with cancer has been a long time; many patients who already have cancer, but to test it out long before the patient died in an accident or other factors.

Chronic and metabolic diseases can never experience from outside the body of biological drugs to control, prevention or treatment.

The world is not a drug or chemical agent can make us more healthy, resilient, more intelligent or more longevity. There is no such natural drugs or molecules, except that in the normal food molecules existed.

When we eat less, the mind will be clearer; the other hand, Eating all day after, people start thinking, resulting in physical, psychological and spiritual distress.

Wild bears are not cancer, but the bears in the San Diego Zoo, has seven had every ten cancer. Because wild bears are omnivores, they eat a lot of wild berries, wild fruits and almost all are with B17. We have been away from natural foods, we eat the fruit of many years of improved varieties, has been a lack of VitB17.

American Cancer Society statistics, cancer is the number one killer of Americans (and the people of Taiwan the first cause of death); one person every three will get cancer; if it continues, next century, cancer, disease rate is 100%.

Ancient Chinese doctors often treat almonds, so people often praised the good doctor said --- Xinglin arrival of spring

--- Anti-cancer nutrients vitamin B17

Dr. Clay San Francisco, United States of vitamin B17 (Dr.Ernst Krebs)

Vitamin B17 is a second line of defense against cancer. According to Dr. Clay San Francisco, United States (Dr.Ernst Krebs) control theory of cancer research, cancer can be seen as a multi-deficiency (deficiency disease), the majority of cancer patients lack two nutrients: protein digestion of pancreatic enzymes and vitamin B17. Vitamin B17 is toxic only to cancer cells, will choose to destroy cancer cells while normal tissue will not cause harm, the best food sources of vitamin B17 include: mung bean, the emperor beans, lentils ocean, peach, plum, apricot, cherry , Apple, etc., while most foreign lentil bean sprouts and best source of vitamin B17.

Bitter foods contain a high number of amino acids, that is life extension of human growth and health of essential nutrients. Western scholars have 40 kinds of amino acid taste tested and analyzed, they found that there is bitter as high as 20 kinds of human growth and development of healthy life extension and essential nutrients.

Some of the bitterness of the plant, is an important source of vitamin B17. The main component of vitamin B17 cyanide, benzene, formaldehyde and glucose. One of the cyanide, it is not active chemical properties. For normal human cells, it is the destructive effect can not afford, but cancer cells able to produce strong lethal.

Bitter food and the activities of the human spirit is also very close relationship. To bring bitter chocolate, coffee, tea, beer, for example, because it contains a number of Cocoa base and caffeine, it gives rise to a refreshing, refreshing, comfortable and relaxed feeling. This fatigue and restore energy is very useful. In addition, the bitter wet than dry food solvable, and promote secretion of the effect, when the hot days of the human digestive function in problems, depression and reduced sense of taste when to eat bitter foods will make it back to normal.
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