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Recently I read a few of the Japanese firm Ishihara, MD's book, the book often refers to "cancer cells sensitive to heat," the concept that very interesting, put it down to share with you, and be my study notes.

Ishihara physicians believe that medical science has now very progressive, but also more and more physicians, cancer is still increasing, one of the major factor is the modern people of low body temperature, because the body temperature to 35 degrees, it is cancer cells multiply when the most active, on the contrary, when the temperature reached 39.6 degrees, the cells will all die.

High temperatures can cure cancer
19th century, there was the German cloth Xu (Busch), MD, published a number of cases of spontaneous cure of cancer, that is, there are all cancer patients, respectively, to get pneumonia and erysipelas (a skin infection) and other diseases, continuous high fever 1-2 weeks did not expect unexpected cure cancer. In addition, the 1900 New York City hospitals in the United States Collet, MD, also published a cancer patient with pneumonia and erysipelas cause persistent high fever, the cure for cancer of the instance. In other words, Western medicine also understand that cancer cells do not like heat.

Cancer is a disease of the disease are likely to head to toe, but the heart, spleen, small intestine (duodenum) is a small chance of cancer of organs. That is because the weight of the heart, although only 1 / 200, was responsible for 1 / 9 of the body; spleen is the concentration of red blood cells (※ Note: The function of the spleen damage to the old system of red blood cells, red blood cells of the separation of hemoglobin and iron The separated iron may be re-absorbed into the bloodstream), also belong to the high organ; the small intestine is responsible for digestion, must always be active, naturally would be more warm, we can see from these facts, cancer, high temperatures are not likely to happen in the organ on.

Human organs with cancer, such as easy esophagus, lung, stomach, colon, rectum, ovary, uterus ... ... ... and so are the middle was hollow organ, hollow organs, cells will be relatively small, the temperature is relatively easy to drop, it is more easy with cancer; As a result of prominent breast out of the body, the organ is relatively low temperature, so the higher incidence of breast cancer.

In general, cancer is due to decreased immunity and the formation, of course, connected with blood, it can happen and it's closely related to poor blood circulation. Oriental medicine, "the source of all diseases from dirty blood", so the body and to burn the waste from the body, so that the blood is clean, only a fever response. On a level, a fever can actually increase immunity, and immunity is the operational capacity of white blood cells, in fact, as long as the temperature rise of 1 degree, immunity can increase 5-6 times.

Once the cold body, blood circulation will be worse, the body will deteriorate cell metabolism, body temperature fell by 1 degree each, metabolism will be reduced by about 12%, immunity will be reduced by 30%. When body temperature is usually lowest, but also the highest mortality when the day, the lowest temperature points 3-5 am, when most likely to cause asthma, ulcerative colitis of intense abdominal pain, abnormal disease processes when angina.

Modern low temperature causes
Calm the body's temperature when about 1 / 4 from the muscle, but modern man is not the same people often walk past, not the past, people diligent, hands began to use machines to replace the cleaning and laundry, this lack of movement result is lower temperature ㄧ big reason.

Common with modern stress, the pressure of a large adrenal gland will secrete adrenaline, the blood vessels, resulting in poor circulation, long-term sustainability, will naturally reduce body temperature. One summer day most people will hide in air-conditioned room, and usually caused by excessive intake of cold constitution of food, are caused by low body temperature causes.

Increased body temperature method
Not just cancer, suffering from the same time prevent lifestyle-related diseases (including high cholesterol, hypertension, high blood sugar, high uric acid and other diseases), we must try to increase body temperature, the method is as follows:

Sports -
Muscle accounts for about 45% of body weight, is the body's largest organ, so long as the exercise, the muscles of the greater heat output, even to the temperature of the half. Increase in body temperature helps to promote metabolism, the operation of white blood cells will be active in the body after exercise will feel very light, even the mood feel comfortable, the main reason is that the temperature increases, prompting the body's waste and excess nutrients in the blood is burning, and even is converted into sweat and urine, and is discharged through the breathing, equal times in the body do ㄧ cleaning. Busy modern people to understand the troubles and lack of exercise, the easiest way is to "walk."

Bath -
Daily life of the most simple and effective way to warm the body, is the bath. Soak in the bathtub using the whole body bath method, so that the water temperature to help dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation, making the internal organs and muscles to be added oxygen and nutrients, thereby promoting kidney and lung discharge waste. In addition, hydrostatic equilibrium (or hydrostatic equilibrium) has the effect of the muscles tight, and this oppression of hydrostatic equilibrium will be blood and lymph vessels, promote blood and lymph circulation, along with active systemic metabolic particular bit of renal blood flow in the lower body can also become good, will naturally increase urine output, improve water poisoning situation, and then remove the edema and the cold phenomena.

Eat hot food -
Ishihara physicians encourage everyone should eat normal food can warm the body, such as cheese, buckwheat, rye bread, brown rice, fish, shellfish, root vegetables, seaweed, ginger, garlic, onions, miso, apple, cherry, grape, brown sugar, black ... ... ... and so on.

Want a quick way to warm the body, is to drink ginger tea. Ginger is a warm body for maximum effect, while the Europeans living in the cold regions of the habit of drinking tea, to warm the body, such as adding ginger tea can play an even greater effect, the body heat up.

Recorded in ancient Chinese medicine on the "ginger can go to one hundred evil", the 16th century, the British outbreak of the Black Death pandemic, at least 1 / 3 of London which killed people, they discover people who usually eat ginger are survived, therefore, was King Henry VIII, strongly advocated eating ginger, is now seen everywhere in the UK printing of gingerbread that was left behind a profound impact.

2006 University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers, published in the American Cancer Society "will be sold in the market bubble open, ginger powder, into the ovarian cancer cells in culture, the results of all cancer cells died, which shows the place Apoptosis and autophagy function ", although the cells used in this experiment is the" ovarian cancer ", but I believe this experiment for all cancer cells have the same effect.

Dr. Ishihara read the book, I discovered that fever is the body's immune system to enhance the mechanism of autologous, more importantly, body temperature reached 39.6 degrees, you can die from cancer. Not long ago, a family with a fever, and I specially congratulate him from the smoldering body, probably to a lot of body heat to kill cancer cells!

There are a lot of people told me that this can not eat, that can not eat, so I am very troubled by what I eat? But now I definitely will not eat before the onions, ginger, garlic, all swallow, hoping to enhance their immune system, to achieve self-healing effect.
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