11.very sensitive to the high power main shock.
Banquet chef Zheng Yanji (Achilles division) Northern Taiwan Institute of Technology yesterday to lecture, to attract nearly a thousand students thronged hall. He said his work seventeen hours a day, only the use of vacation video, often late at night goes back to a restaurant inspection, forty-three years chef career had never been late, had not become tired. He advised young people "not just to six very life, must continue to strengthen their added value."

Aki teacher said he had never read the book, but now it is the chain operates 12 hotels, in charge of thirty one hundred million yuan turnover CEO, just because they go all out from the first day of work, he advises young people, " Karoshi will not, unless you lack of capacity, work is not a sense of accomplishment, or lack of physical strength will be so. "

Aki teacher said she was more conservative, to the students to share "the workplace six nots": the main shock is not high power, only the big bullying the owners, the right to high-pressure main, not jealous, not compare, do not care about. He said that a society very sensitive to the high power main shock, "Young people sometimes there's nothing wrong wronged in the workplace, learn to play the fool is not bad."

Aki teacher recalls, had either of Taiwanese food in a restaurant chef for eight years, was suddenly called to the boss when Sichuan's younger brother, serve later, vegetables, scrub the kitchen dirt, a full three years six months, did not want to do, but his wife asked him to endure breath, the results in each serve later "steal" time "with your mouth the Sichuan figured out," his boss, then-liter three hotel chef.

Aki teacher to remind young people, even the ability, high academic qualifications than the boss, still have to know how to humble the truth.

After the speech, many students say that Achilles division "is very real, very good enough." Catering student Guobing Hong Achilles teacher asked, "Are you afraid of being replaced?" Achilles teacher smiled and said he was not afraid to be replaced, but "I look forward to your success one day, kill me", causing laughter. Aki also advise students in the final division, early standing ambition, "because there is no purpose boat, never wind."
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