20.VI and a number of disposable chopsticks

Daily necessities in what is the most poisonous? Pingjhen City, central China, students of high VI and disposable chopsticks used water soaked black shell shrimp rearing, the results of 2 hours shrimp convulsions, death within 1 day, 5 days after the rot. Students participated in this experiment to get the first three science fairs. Students that disposable chopsticks is the most poisonous, even hot water burns, but also ranked second drug.
VI and high-central China county science fair students arranged the first 1,3, of which identify the most toxic of the most watched daily necessities, as with everyone lives.
Instructor Chennian Wen, LIU Guan Zhi Liang Simei and students, Cai Yuru, Song Boru, Xie Hao Ren et al, was found through the daily use of the most poisonous is the order of the top 3 disposable chopsticks, disposable chopsticks burns, restaurant, takeout soup loaded translucent plastic bags.
Song Boru, who first 500cc of cold water immersion with disposable chopsticks, and then heated to 80 degrees, and then wait until the natural cooling, the previous steps repeated 10 times, and then this water shrimp farming five black shell, the results convulsions 2 hours, 1 day to death, after 5 days, keeping the water turbid smelly, do not see the shrimp disappeared.
If the green bean sprouts were incubated in this water, breeding duckweed, and the result is similar to plant will wilt and die within 5 days.
Disposable chopsticks are still very toxic burns
Students and then hot water burns disposable chopsticks, and then throw away the water re-immersion burns, there are repeated 10 times above immersion cooling, used shrimp raising five black shell, the result is the first 2 days to die, apparently disposable chopsticks after burns, or very toxic.
Students say, repeated 10 times foam disposable chopsticks disposable chopsticks in the sulfur dioxide stripping. Sulphur dioxide is used to bleach, disinfecting purposes. However, they did not examine the concentration of sulfur dioxide in water.
Students suggested that without the use of disposable chopsticks, it is best not to use, have to use it, we must first and then burns to reduce the toxicity.
Toxicity is ranked No. 3 translucent plastic bag, put soup is dissolved out of bisphenol A, plasticizers, experiment 3 days 5 shrimp will all die off.

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