About the founder MIA

Description: Mia Founder: Zheng Miss Lin Yuegong

(Republic of China 12 years old)

Cheng graduated from Miss Lin Yuegong Sagami Women's University in Japan and the Japanese

Ministry of Education,Family Science Teachers, secondary colleges and universities promise free

permitsfamily members of science and education, and training in Japan, Yamashita Cooking School

(Queen),after graduation appearance deportment Institute of Education, at home in - Family

Research . Due in Japanfor many years and understand the local food culture of Japan and is closely

related to people's health andlongevity. And the habitual residence of the United States to observe

the advanced countries learn the lates information cooking utensils, and after long-term continuous

research experiments in the kitchen at home on the experience of decades of accumulated

research and development experience.

-21 Century and the new cooking concept of industrial society / double-income families / singles / eating / healthyand convenient meals Mia Health Conditioner Series.

Timing device used to enhance safety and convenience of a daze ----- avoid prolonged situation in

the kitchen.

Zheng said Miss Lin Yuegong -----------

      New era of cooking, health and environmental protection must be easy concept. Incorporation of

the past,a trial lot of cooking sauces / hot fire means more oil Youyi cook flavors / greasy food is out

of date, return the original to make plain the advanced countries, awareness of healthy eating is

important era!

     Hope that we have to practice at home, cooking with less oil / low sugar / salt / low chemical

seasoning, do not use the frying oils, the principle of low temperature cooking is cooking, in order

to maintain their health and living a good life and please a lot of love to use " Mia "to enjoy the easy

life for the hope the kitchen!

* Unique design to the low-temperature cooking -------

1. So as to avoid high temperature and oil / protein oxidative deterioration occurring cancer-causing free  radicals factors.

2. Will make the nutrients in food will not be destroyed.

3. Cooking oil or less oil-free cooking and eating healthy.

Ms Cheng thanks -----------

Although I am old, because their immediate need to develop the "Mia" as easy to use and secure, but also

favored by younger people, in the long won praise during a sale, really Thanks a million, and most are pleased that some of mother actually bought Mia to go to study abroad with the children!


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